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Seasalter Levels

RSPB Reserve in Seasalter

Driftwood Beach House sits on the edge of the RSPB reserve known as Seasalter Levels. This stunning landscape is RSPB protected and plays host to a wide range of wildlife, hence the RSPB reserve status.

Whether it is a sunny summer evening, or a breezy winter day, we are always recommending our guests to take a walk along the picturesque paths around Seasalter Levels. You will not have to travel far before you start seeing rare birds and animals that call this reserve home. 

If you're keen to explore this stunning RSPB reserve in Seasalter, then give us a call and book yourself in with Driftwood Beach House. Sitting on the doorstep of this stunning and peaceful landscape, you won't find a better place to rest your head after a long day of exploration and discovery.

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