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Seasalter, Kent

Seasalter is a beautiful coastal town in Kent, and home to an array of beautiful scenery. In our opinion the best reason to visit the area is for a relaxing break, which is easily found due to the large amount of nature that makes up the area. Whether it is staring out at the sea while sitting on the pebbled beach, or putting your wellies on and walking through the fields, you'll soon forget worries of your busy life and have time to reflect.

Most visitors who visit Seasalter come here while visiting The Sportsman, which is a fine dining restaurant and proud owner of the title "UK Restaurant of the Year".

Seasalter is also home to the vast Seasalter Levels, which is an RSPB protected area. We've had many walks along this beautifully green area and seen an abundance of interesting bird life.

A short drive down the main road while have you at the busier coastal town of Whitstable. Here you can pursue slightly livelier past times with the many pubs, restaurants, and beachfront events throughout the year.

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