Whitstable Weather, and how to make the most of it

March 7, 2018


Whether it's sunny enough for sandals, or that type of chilly that leaves you searching for shelter, it pays to be prepared in anticipating what the weather will be like, and it's no different when it comes to the Whitstable weather.


As a seaside town, there will always be that fresh sea breeze to keep you cool and feeling refreshed, but that isn't to say that you won't find yourself needing a bottle of ice cool water to help keep you cool too. 


Now there is no doubt that the time of year will give you an indication on what the weather will be like in Whitstable, however we've picked out what we recommend you should do when it's hot, cold, or somewhere in between!



How to handle the heat


As a seaside town, Whitstable and hot weather go hand-in-hand, with many people simply being content with laying on the beach for the duration of their stay, tanning their worries away. While this is certainly a recommended past time, Whitstable has plenty to offer in other forms as well. 


The Whitstable Harbour would be a great place to enjoy your warm visit to Whitstable. The beautiful setting sees a stream of general and nautical themed stalls set up with hand-crafted souvenirs and food alike. The atmosphere around the Whitstable Harbour is always very lively and exciting, with the stall owners being a charismatic bunch and up for conversations. On top of the stalls and joyful locals, there are also a bountiful amount of beautiful boats, new and old, that populate the harbour.



When it's a bit nippy


We all know those days when it's not quite raining, but it's not warm enough to be laying on the beach and enjoying an ice cream. To some, these days are "stay at home and do nothing" sort of days, however we don't think that a simple thing like the chillier weather in Whitstable is a bad thing, as this is actually where several other outdoor activities thrive.


Although a little further afield, the Tankerton Slopes can be enjoyed whatever the Whitstable weather,  making them a perfect visit for the days that are a little too nippy to stay still on the beach. The Tankerton slopes have such beautiful views of the coast, the historical forts and walls, and so much stunning natural beauty that will leave you feeling refreshed. This is a must visit for any keen photographer.



When it's raining cats and dogs


To many, the idea of a rainy day is far from their dream holiday, however we think it can be a blessing in disguise as there are many indoor activities that can leave you entertained while you witness the picturesque downpour from the warmth. To start with, the beauty of Whitstable town is that the high street is jam packed with shops, bars and restaurants, meaning that you need not be outside for very long at all before you find somewhere you'd like to go in. 









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